Flirting With Cancer


Does anyone else feel that with each and every daily choice, they are in a flirtatious tug-of-war game with the Big C?


When anyone chooses to heal from cancer naturally, you know you have to stick to the lifestyle and diet you healed from for as long as possible, but at what point can you lay off a bit?


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Alternatives to Obamacare: Comparing Samaritan Ministries, Medi-Share, and Christian Healthcare Ministries



Make sure to see yesterday’s post explaining in MUCH more detail how Christian Healthcare Share Ministries (CHSM’s) work and WHY they are better than an insurance plan under Obamacare. I think that all three of the major CHSM’s each have different strengths that will satisfy the needs of their individual members which is what I’m going to attempt to make simpler for you today.

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Alternatives to Obamacare: Christian Healthcare Share Ministries



Oh my goodness, this post took me a RIDICULOUS amount of time to finally complete (I really wanted to say “REE-DONK-ULOUS” to add appropriate emphasis!) It has gotten so long-winded that I ended up splitting it into two. So also check back for my next post where I’ll compare Samaritan MinistriesMedi-Share, and Christian Healthcare Ministries. For now, read on to learn more about exempting your family from Obamacare and why I began exploring this option for my family. Continue Reading

Natural Remedies for Winter Cold and Flu


Oh boy, it’s that time of year! I know in our house we have already had to break out and use some of these natural remedies. Here’s this year’s revised list of what I use to keep my family healthy in the winter months. I arranged the list from what I think is most important to the extra “nice to have” goodies. Continue Reading

Guest Post on Cowgirls and Collard Greens!


Howdy Ya’ll! I did a guest post today on my favorite vegan friend Kayle Martin’s blog, Cowgirls and Collard Greens. Check it out!

The Ultimate Cancer Fighting Bathroom Series: THE SALON POST: Nail Polish and Hair Color


Before you dive into reading this post, make sure to check out the last two posts in this series, The Ultimate Cancer Fighting Bathroom: Shower Products and Facial/ Skin Products. Here you’ll find a great overview of what skin, beauty or hygiene products I used while treating my cancer naturally.

I couldn’t pinpoint where to fit today’s products in, because they’re not really “bathroom” products, but they are commonly used and can be REALLY toxic. Here are some of my solutions to taking a healthier route to nail and hair color. Continue Reading

Healing Strong Conference and Retreat in Pictures

Healing Strong Conference and Retreat

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The Ultimate Cancer Fighting Bathroom Series: Lotions, Deodorant, Make-Up, and More!


In my previous post in this series, I created a great run-down of all of the products I use in the shower that are incredibly safe for those of you healing from cancer and concerned about detox. I also suggested that you check your current products for toxicity and safety on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep rating system.

On to today’s post where we’ll conquer a boatload of hygiene and beauty products you typically use (and leave) on your face and skin. Continue Reading

The Ultimate Cancer Fighting Bathroom Series: Soaps, Shampoos, and Shave


So, flashback 5 years ago, and I didn’t know anything about harmful skin care ingredients. Learning how to treat my cancer naturally really gave me a crash course in junky beauty and hygiene products and the chemicals that make them harmful. I was working my hiney off eating a cancer-combatting diet, so it didn’t make sense to continue to use carcinogenic chemicals on my skin.

The most common offenders such as “sodium laurel/ laureth sulfate”, “propylene glycol,” or anything ending in the word “-paraben” are in the majority of commonly store bought products. Not only are these ingredients harmful to you, but they are washed into our water supply with little concern for the generational impact that could have. I quickly learned that when it comes to detoxifying my body, less ingredients = way more. Continue Reading

My Video Interview With Chris Wark from

I would be lying if I wrote that meeting Chris Wark wasn’t AWESOME. (Hi Chris!)

He and I had been corresponding via email and Facebook over the last few years since he interviewed me after I first started Green Drink Diaries.

I also talked with him on the phone, almost in tears one day after I received a verbal beat down on a popular cancer support forum for sharing my natural cancer story and new blog. He gave me a big brotherly-like pep talk about how to hold your own on these forums and then openly stood up for me to all the haters by responding to their comments. The forum thread was deleted but my forward thinking husband took a screenshot of the bloodshed before they deleted it. You can find that HERE and the complete post on responding to haters and critics HERE.

I finally got to meet Chris in person at the Healing Strong Conference and Retreat a few weeks ago. OK, I admit it…I did feel like I was meeting a celebrity at first. I ran into Chris as he was coming off of an elevator with Ty Bollinger (who also felt like a celebrity to me) and had one of those weird moments where you recognize someone’s face from the internet but are not sure if they’ll recognize you.

But by the end of the conference, I realized he was a true friend. Super genuine, kind, and very humble. It felt so great to be amongst so many wonderful, Spirit-led people who are healing successfully from cancer without chemotherapy or radiation; in many cases, like in Ann Cooper’s and Chris’s, upwards of 10 years now and leading the way for the rest of us. (:

So, here’s the Campbells’ video interview with him. Hope you enjoy!