You Might Be Healing Your Cancer Naturally If… (39 Bizarre Ways to Tell!)

healing cancer naturally pregnant

Healing cancer naturally can be a very difficult and lonely journey. So it’s even more important for us to be able to LAUGH about our crazy, bizarre lives and ridiculous daily routines! Here are 39 daily habits only us who are on a natural healing journey from cancer can truly understand…

Creamy Chocolate Almond Smoothie (Protein Rich- Vegan- Icey- Yummy)

Chocolate Almond Smoothie

This is one of my family’s new favorite breakfast smoothies. The Creamy Chocolate Almond Smoothie is loaded with nutrients to fill the belly up without having to drink much. And the idea came from my favorite lover of chocolate almond ice cream- my Dad, whose birthday it is today. Happy Birthday, Dad! This smoothie is for YOU!

Study: Half of Hodgkin’s Patients Get Second Cancer After Chemo

lymphoma ribbon

A Dutch study of almost 4,000 people treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma using chemotherapy and radiation reports that 48% of those studied were diagnosed with a SECOND cancer in their lifetime.

It was also reported in the December 2015 study, which tracked people treated between the years of 1965-2000, that new advances in chemotherapy in the 1990’s had no change in the incidence of secondary cancers.

“The cumulative incidence of second solid cancers did not differ according to study period (1965–1976, 1977–1988, or 1989–2000)”

This study is EXACTLY why my husband and I chose to address my Stage 2 NLP (nodular lymphocyte predominant) Hodgkin’s lymphoma with nutritional and holistic therapies FIRST. We knew the risk for secondary cancers existed first hand when my aunt (mom’s identical twin,) who had Hodgkin’s as a teenager and was treated conventionally, was diagnosed and passed away from the effects of breast cancer treatment in her 50’s. Her doctor stated that her breast cancer (and heart problems resulting in multiple surgeries,) were caused by her Hodgkin’s treatment as a teenager.

When I was diagnosed at 26, I was perfectly healthy (besides digestive problems from my super poor Standard American Diet.) When the oncology nurse told us all of the effects of the chemotherapy and radiation, it was hard to accept the SIDE EFFECTS from the treatment that wouldn’t be there otherwise. They were pretty much going to ravage me.

An Oncologist Speaks Out: Chemo Makes Us Money, But It Doesn’t Work

Can you believe this picture?! My sister snapped it while waiting at a traffic light in Atlanta back in 2011. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it! I had just started my blog and had endured some brutal verbal attacks (about my holistic cancer healing story) on a popular cancer support forum, so I just wasn’t quite ready to talk so honestly about something like this.

I must confess that I’ve pondered some “let’s not assume…” kind of thoughts. Like “well, maybe it’s not an oncologist and it’s a foreign name, like “Kem Odoc”, or “Kemo D.” from the “OC” or something like that? :)

But after 5 years of hesitancy on publishing this picture, I think it’s pretty clear.

This person is a proud KEMODOC.

Check Out the New, Organized Green Drink Diaries Homepage!

Hey You Guys!

On the week leading up to New Year’s Day I finally checked off a super overdue task on my To-Do list which was ORGANIZE MY BLOG!! I have written over 200 posts (in 5 years,) but they were all hard to access and buried deep in the archive. I spent a few days indexing them and now you can see them organized by topics in the peachy/orange tabs or in the links below.

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I’d love to hear any suggestions for what you would like to read about this year! Check out the categories above and share your ideas in the comments below or on Facebook. :)

Last Minute 2015 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide and Stitch Fix Review


This could also be titled “My Last Minute Christmas Gift Hustle- 2015 edition!”

It’s the minimalist in me- I like practical stuff that you can USE and has a PURPOSE. Gift buying has never been my love language. I more so like helping people with healthy advice or even helping to relieve their stress and worry over their health. Things like a Homemade Wellness Basket or Homemade Deodorant are more my thing…and writing this blog. :)

So here are a few fun ideas I have for my friends and family this year, many of which are healthy, helpful and practical.

20 CRUCIAL Questions Every Cancer Patient Must Ask


This is AWESOME information you and anyone you know NEEDS to read.

My friend and fellow holistic cancer survivor, Chris Wark has created what I wish I would have had after my diagnosis, a FREE guide giving you the MOST IMPORTANT questions to ask your oncologist: 20 Questions For Your Oncologist.

It’s unsettling to know that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will get a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. That’s CRAZY when you think about it. For me I think about my two sisters and me. ONE of the three of us got cancer. I’m so grateful that me getting cancer (and treating it naturally) prompted them to drastically change their diet and lifestyle.

20 Questions For Your Oncologist is great to send to a loved one or a parent of your childhood best friend or your high school English teacher, or anyone who has been impacted by cancer and you are helplessly watching from a distance.

It is not just for those of us interested in non-toxic therapies, but for anyone impacted by cancer. No matter how one chooses to treat their cancer, they need to ask the right questions to feel empowered and informed in their treatment choice.

And you’ll be shocked by what you don’t think to ask (and I found myself feeling a bit “cringey” at the THOUGHT of asking some of these questions- but it is SOOO important!)

This guide will give you the answers to everything you need to know.

It will leave you making a decision not out of fear but out of informed and prayerful discernment.

And- It’s FREE!!!!! So you have no reason not to check it out and download it today.



P.S. 20 Questions For Your Oncologist also includes an hour long audio portion I found to be super helpful. It’s so fantastic and I know you’ll love it, too! :)

VOTING WEEK for Dr. Oz’s Nurse Search- VOTE for my Sister, Kelsey!!!

TODAY IS THE DAY! My little sister, Kelsey @thesinging_RN is a finalist on the Dr. Oz #NurseSearch Competition and she NEEDS OUR VOTES!

And she should totally win because she got Dr. Oz to dance and even do the shimmy with her as she sang!

The winner will be decided by whoever gets the most votes and her competition is fierce. One of the other nurse candidates is a YouTube star and another was a contestant on the TV show “The Bachelor” and also “Married at First Sight” with a large Twitter following, so we need the holistic cancer community to come out and VOTE!!!!

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if she could be the connection to get our stories of healing naturally from cancer and the importance of nutrition, detoxification, and natural therapies into the mainstream media? You never know… :)

VOTE For Nurse Kelsey HERE!!!!!

Voting opens today and ends November 22nd! Vote as many times as you can!

Click for a video of each candidate, including Kelsey.

AWESOME 3 Day Cancer-Fighting Meal Plan for Natural Healing

Lovely Veggies

Just the other night a friend here in Atlanta who is healing from her breast cancer naturally texted me to ask if she could talk with me “real quick.”

I had a brief moment between diaper changes and cleaning green smoothie off of my kitchen blinds, so I snuck off to the garage to sit on my rebounder and call her. (I should have been bouncing but I had no idea how serious the call might be…)

Vote for My Sister, Kelsey Rowell “The Singing Nurse” for Dr. Oz’s Nurse Core Expert!!!


OK, everyone, I need you to RALLY UP! In Atlanta, the Falcons fans would say “RISE UP” to the tune of a gospel chorale!!! That’s the kind of heavenly, holy excitement and action I need right now!!!!

My sister, Kelsey Rowell (our maiden name is hilariously “Worrell” which is why she did not hyphenate,) is a FINALIST for Dr. Oz’s CORE NURSE SEARCH.

Basically, if she wins, she will be a guest expert on the Dr. Oz show when he needs a nurse expert to present on various topics, many to do with natural healing. And guess who votes for the winner?