The Truth About Cancer Replay Weekend and Fun HealingStrong News


Hi Everyone! I meant to get this out yesterday, but as you can see in the picture, I found myself working with HealingStrong and hangin’ with Ty Bollinger, Founder and Host of The Truth About Cancer in person, rather than letting you guys know about the Truth About Cancer replay this weekend. So sorry about that!

You still have all day today (Sunday April, 24th) to revisit The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest series all day for FREE! And you don’t even need to sign up, just click to go to the entire series HERE.

If you’re not sure where to tune in, you can check out my complete 9 episode recap and summary and check out which interview you want to watch. You can also use the timestamps to skip around.

The event I saw Ty and his family at today here near Atlanta was a natural healing event put on by the P4 Foundation. Both Ty and Charlene Bollinger spoke as well as Dr. Veronique DeSaulniers (“Dr.V”)
My family and I were there representing the non-profit we helped start back in 2013, HealingStrong and talking with event participants about our 20 natural healing support groups that we are currently guiding using our Leadership Guide in 9 states and a group in Australia.

My good best friend and fellow holistic cancer thriver, Suzy Griswold (above me in the picture) and I co-wrote the Leadership Guide this past year and now it is being tested and will be revised as we receive feedback from our test groups. Then it will be offered for sale to whomever wants to start a Natural Healing Group empowered by HealingStrong! We already have 75 groups on our “waiting list” to get started once our 20 test groups are finished in the fall!

You can check in at to see if a group is starting in your area or to sign up to start the process of being a group leader.

Beautiful and wonderful things are happening in the natural healing world! :)

Enjoy the Truth About Cancer Replay today, and if there’s anyone you know that needs this information, make sure to watch and/or share it with them as well!


-Cortney :)

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest Airing Again for FREE!


The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest premiered to over a half million viewers last Fall. In the 9 part series, host and researcher Ty Bollinger traveled to 27 countries interviewing 131 holistic doctors, experts, and survivors, all sharing what the world needs to know: that cancer can be healed naturally!

If I were diagnosed today, this would be my first purchase and priority to begin learning more about alternative and natural ways to treat cancer. It’s clear, concise, and paints the big picture of why we need to heal the WHOLE BODY and not just treat the symptoms of cancer.

Vanilla Cinnamon Anti-Cancer Budwig Smoothie


This week has been really active with the Bill Henderson Protocol Facebook group I moderate. You can usually chat with me there throughout the week, and one of our favorite topics right now is recipes for Dr. Budwig’s Cottage Cheese/ Flaxseed Oil mixture. There are many tasty ways to make it, but my favorite lately has been this one: The Vanilla Cinnamon Budwig Smoothie!

5 Cancer Fighting Juice Recipes + My Favorite Easy Cleaning Juicer!

5 Cancer-Fighting Juices

I get asked this question all of the time: “Do you have any cancer-fighting juice recipes?”

If you look back at my holistic and natural cancer treatment story, you’ll see I didn’t really juice that much while I was going through holistic treatment. I mainly stuck to vegetable smoothies and salads because there was so much confusing information around juicing, juice storage or not, fruit or no fruit, masticating or centrifugal, etc.

You Might Be Healing Your Cancer Naturally If… (39 Bizarre Ways to Tell!)

healing cancer naturally pregnant

Healing cancer naturally can be a very difficult and lonely journey. So it’s even more important for us to be able to LAUGH about our crazy, bizarre lives and ridiculous daily routines! Here are 39 daily habits only us who are on a natural healing journey from cancer can truly understand…

Creamy Chocolate Almond Smoothie (Protein Rich- Vegan- Icey- Yummy)

Chocolate Almond Smoothie

This is one of my family’s new favorite breakfast smoothies. The Creamy Chocolate Almond Smoothie is loaded with nutrients to fill the belly up without having to drink much. And the idea came from my favorite lover of chocolate almond ice cream- my Dad, whose birthday it is today. Happy Birthday, Dad! This smoothie is for YOU!

Study: Half of Hodgkin’s Patients Get Second Cancer After Chemo

lymphoma ribbon

A Dutch study of almost 4,000 people treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma using chemotherapy and radiation reports that 48% of those studied were diagnosed with a SECOND cancer in their lifetime.

It was also reported in the December 2015 study, which tracked people treated between the years of 1965-2000, that new advances in chemotherapy in the 1990’s had no change in the incidence of secondary cancers.

“The cumulative incidence of second solid cancers did not differ according to study period (1965–1976, 1977–1988, or 1989–2000)”

This study is EXACTLY why my husband and I chose to address my Stage 2 NLP (nodular lymphocyte predominant) Hodgkin’s lymphoma with nutritional and holistic therapies FIRST. We knew the risk for secondary cancers existed first hand when my aunt (mom’s identical twin,) who had Hodgkin’s as a teenager and was treated conventionally, was diagnosed and passed away from the effects of breast cancer treatment in her 50’s. Her doctor stated that her breast cancer (and heart problems resulting in multiple surgeries,) were caused by her Hodgkin’s treatment as a teenager.

When I was diagnosed at 26, I was perfectly healthy (besides digestive problems from my super poor Standard American Diet.) When the oncology nurse told us all of the effects of the chemotherapy and radiation, it was hard to accept the SIDE EFFECTS from the treatment that wouldn’t be there otherwise. They were pretty much going to ravage me.

An Oncologist Speaks Out: Chemo Makes Us Money, But It Doesn’t Work

Can you believe this picture?! My sister snapped it while waiting at a traffic light in Atlanta back in 2011. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it! I had just started my blog and had endured some brutal verbal attacks (about my holistic cancer healing story) on a popular cancer support forum, so I just wasn’t quite ready to talk so honestly about something like this.

I must confess that I’ve pondered some “let’s not assume…” kind of thoughts. Like “well, maybe it’s not an oncologist and it’s a foreign name, like “Kem Odoc”, or “Kemo D.” from the “OC” or something like that? :)

But after 5 years of hesitancy on publishing this picture, I think it’s pretty clear.

This person is a proud KEMODOC.

Check Out the New, Organized Green Drink Diaries Homepage!

Hey You Guys!

On the week leading up to New Year’s Day I finally checked off a super overdue task on my To-Do list which was ORGANIZE MY BLOG!! I have written over 200 posts (in 5 years,) but they were all hard to access and buried deep in the archive. I spent a few days indexing them and now you can see them organized by topics in the peachy/orange tabs or in the links below.

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I’d love to hear any suggestions for what you would like to read about this year! Check out the categories above and share your ideas in the comments below or on Facebook. :)