10 Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness (that work!)


Let’s first get this straight. “Morning” sickness for me is not just in the morning. It is all day. For many WEEKS. It’s like having the stomach flu for a month and a half. No fun here, but thankfully a beautiful reward in the end. Oh, I haven’t mentioned yet…Green Drink Baby #3 is on their way and due in February. :)

When I have pregnancy-induced nausea, I can’t even talk about GREEN things without getting the dry heave feeling in my throat (hence the 6 weeks that have passed since my last post!) It has been this way with all of my pregnancies, and thankfully my body was able to hold onto its healthy state (and cancer-free) even though I am not eating my usual Budwig, green smoothie, salad, and juice routine.

So what have I been doing to deal with this? Not the usual natural/crunchy wisdom has worked for me (like wretched ginger! Bleh!), but here are a few things that did.

Anna’s Frozen Chocolate Green Smoothie


I love this smoothie. My kids REALLY love this smoothie. And it’s easy and flexible…and tastes like CHOCOLATE!

And if you have a daughter who loves the movie “Frozen”, you can tell her Anna loves this smoothie (with a wink of course.) She’ll be even more eager to slurp it down. (Anna scarfs chocolate in the movie) “I want to stuff some chocolate in my faaaaaaace.” Don’t hate me for getting that song in your head again! :)

My 6 Year Experience with the HCG Cancer Test


If you are not quite sure of what the hCG Cancer Test is, you’ll definitely want to read my first post in this series where I explain WHAT the test is, HOW it works, and WHY I chose to monitor my cancer with it instead of using conventional imaging technology such as CT/PET scans. Although, I am definitely not an expert or a doctor, I do have lots of experience with taking this test!

The HCG Cancer Test: Does It Really Work?

There has been a sort of “void” in my transparency about my cancer experience for the past few years since I started writing Green Drink Diaries. I purposely left out a big part of my natural approach to cancer because I wasn’t ready to write about it yet.
I’ve written many times about WHAT I chose to monitor my cancer: the hCG Cancer Test, but I’ve never shared much else about it. You may know that I used the hCG Cancer Test and chose not to use CT/PET scans after my initial diagnosis, but I haven’t talked about my experience with the test, WHY I chose it, or HOW it works.

The Quest for the Cures, Episode 7:
Survivors & Thrivers


Hey everyone!  Last night was the last episode of The Quest for the Cures.  Fittingly, it featured Survivors and Thrivers on what was National Cancer Survivor Day in America.

I hope you have been watching, as each episode has been chock-full of invaluable information.  Last night’s episode also included my cancer story along with quite a few others.  I was really amazed at the severity of some of the other interviewee’s cancers, and inspired at how they have recovered using simple but very effective non-toxic methods.

Treating Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin Lymphoma Naturally

I  was interviewed and filmed for this video over a year ago, but throughout the craziness of my 2nd daughter’s first year I completely forgot about it!

It’s pretty neat to look back and watch it. I was 34 weeks pregnant and had just finished a week of teaching 4th graders. I forgot how tired I was (and looked.)

In it I talk about my Stage 2 NLP Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis, the reasoning behind my decision to pursue a natural cancer therapy, and about the difficulties of changing from a SAD, processed foods diet to a mostly raw vegan, green, and sugarless cancer fighting diet.

I really admire Lisa Robbins, the founder of Incredible Healing Journals who put this together. She documents holistic cancer survivors and their healing journeys on video, and organizes them by cancer type so you can find them easily on her website, IncredibleHealingJournals.com.

“The Quest for the Cures” Has Begun

It was so great to see the first episode of The Quest for the Cures last night and listen to some of the cancer experts and trusted researchers that encouraged me to heal from cancer naturally.

As it has been almost 6 years since my diagnosis, it is nice to polish up on the idea of “What Is Cancer” and to be reminded again from the experts themselves of why my husband and I chose to treat my body as a whole and not just “kill the cancer.” Here are some of my favorite quotes from last night’s episode. Don’t forget to tune in later today at 9pm EST for Day 2 which will break down and simplify how important it is to restore the immune system when healing from cancer. Day 1 will also be available to view all day today until Day 2′s episode begins tonight.

“Cancer isn’t caused by something, it’s caused by a lack of something.”-G. Edward Griffin
Author, Film Producer, Political Lecturer
“Healthy cells have a regulator that stops them from multiplying and growing. Cancer cells don’t have this mechanism. They keep growing and multiplying until they steal all of our energy and the nutrients that keep us alive.” (paraphrased) -Dr. Roby Mitchell
MD, Cancer Survivor
“Cancer is not native to humans. It’s a disease of modern man. It’s you! It’s your body kind of gone a little bit wrong. If you fix a few things, your body can be restored.” -Dr. Keith Scott Mumby
MD, MB, ChB, PhD
“Here’s a beauty - a healthy human body is self-regulating, and self-repairing.  Now the cancer patient has lost that ability for some reason. The job of everyone in the hospital and everyone in the clinic should be to restore that patient back to their self-regulating and self-repairing ability, which is what nutrition does as part of the package.” -Dr. Patrick Quillin

Hey You Guuuuuyyys!

Hey You Guys!

Hi Everyone! (and hopefully you all got the Goonies reference- if not, you might be a bit skerred.)

So, the new website is coming along and I am so surprised to see that I have almost 200 posts that I’ve written since Green Drink Diaries got started three years ago. And although it isn’t as much as I would have like to have posted, it is encouraging to see how God has used the little I have written to help so many people.

But, I need a favor from you guys!