BEST Natural Diaper Rash Cure

I know this may seem bizarre coming from a website called “Green Drink Diaries,” but as a mother of a diaper rash prone daughter, I feel called to share the wealth of knowledge on how to stop diaper rash forever, all with ingredients you can eat!

At our house we try to avoid hygiene products with chemicals as much as possible. So, when at 11 months old (when breastfeeding came to a screeching halt and solid foods became more common) my daughter started developing severe, bleeding, cracking diaper rash, I became OBSESSED with finding a natural cure that worked.

After visiting several different websites and reading through my “What to Expect When….” type books, I came up with a few contenders to start with. Many women said that tea tree oil worked well with killing yeast diaper rash, so I mixed it with some olive oil and slathered it all over my baby’s bum for a few days only to see very little progress. It seemed every time she pooped it would start all over again and couldn’t heal.

Perhaps I gave up too soon, but I began to emotionally plummet into the belief that perhaps natural remedies weren’t strong enough for this horrible, bleeding rash. So, I ventured into the conventional products. I bought Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, A&D Ointment, Desitin Thick and Creamy, and an Avalon Organics diaper cream. I had the same result. The rash would somewhat heal but then after a poop going unnoticed for more than 5 minutes, it would come right back around to its awful condition again.

Finally, after weeks of this it divinely hit me. Perhaps I needed to double or triple up on the natural approaches? And THAT is what worked!

The BEST natural diaper rash cure in the world is as follows:

1. Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil Bath: Add 1 cup of white vinegar and 1/4 Tbsp tea tree oil to 2-3 inches of bath water (in a full-sized bath tub). Make sure there is enough water to cover your baby’s affected area. Try to keep baby in the tub to soak for 10-20 minutes if possible. Drain tub and wash baby with clean water. Towel dry baby and dry affected area well or with a blow dryer set on low to medium heat. Leave diaper off as long as possible after this to air area out. Leave diaper off as much as possible while treating diaper rash.

2. Coconut Oil Cream: Lather a thin layer of coconut oil on baby’s bottom and then diaper with a clean, loose, diaper. Avoid using baby wipes at changes. I also found that we needed to go ahead and buy the next size diaper (we went from size 3 to 4) to allow for more air to flow through. I believe this also contributed to my daughter’s bum healing. If you cloth diaper, make sure that you follow yeast cleansing protocols for your diapers.

3. Grapefruit Seed Extract Daily Spray: After the baby is healed, mix 15 drops grapefruit seed extract with 2 oz of water and add to a spray or spritzer bottle. Spray 3 squirts on baby after each diaper change. Once the rash is healed this will help keep yeast away. I still spray this on my daughter daily, especially when I see redness starting.

I only know this protocol from personal experience. Please follow all three steps for 3-4 days or until rash is gone. All of the listed products can be purchased at your local health foods store. Chronic diaper rash can also be a sign of a food allergy. If your child’s diaper rash worsens, please consult with your physician.

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  1. Jennifer's Gravatar

    Posted by Jennifer

    Thank you, I will try these. My 20 month old daugther occasionally will get really bad yeast diaper rashes (usually from too many strawberries or carrots, my husband thinks blueberries but I don’t think it is the blueberries). If I don’t diversify her fruit it tends to happen with the strawberries.

    I used every product out there and found that Flander’s oinment worked wonders. Though I would rotate using Lotrimin-AF after one change, then Flander’s the next. But it never occured to me to try something more natural, thanks for the info.!

  2. GreenDrinkDiaries's Gravatar

    Posted by GreenDrinkDiaries

    I swear by this protocol. I really hope it helps!!

  3. Adrienne's Gravatar

    Posted by Adrienne

    THANK YOU for this, it really is what I believe finally stopped the yeast rash (the bath primarily as I’d been doing the spray and coconut oil). I’m going to share it with everyone I know!!!

  4. GreenDrinkDiaries's Gravatar

    Posted by GreenDrinkDiaries

    You’re WELCOME!!! (:

  5. Mary's Gravatar

    Posted by Mary

    Bookmarked! Thank you!

  6. Christine's Gravatar

    Posted by Christine

    Wow – such great advice and all natural too! Just my style. So relieved that I came across your site. Everything worked and we are back in business again thanks to your regimen. Thank you!!

  7. GreenDrinkDiaries's Gravatar

    Posted by GreenDrinkDiaries

    This makes me so happy to hear!

  8. Anna's Gravatar

    Posted by Anna

    Hi, I was wondering if you used concentrated tea tree oil and if not how much of the concentrated staff would you recommend for the bath?

  9. GreenDrinkDiaries's Gravatar

    Posted by GreenDrinkDiaries

    Hi Anna- i just used standard tea tee oil which is naturally highly concentrated. I state the ratio above in the post.

  10. Jaimie's Gravatar

    Posted by Jaimie

    Would you still recommend the tea tree oil with boys? I’ve read about some (rare) negative hormonal side effects in adolecent boys. I want to find a maintainence routine for my 16 month old once we get his rash under control.

  11. GreenDrinkDiaries's Gravatar

    Posted by GreenDrinkDiaries

    Definitely look into that. I haven’t come across that in any of the reading I’ve done, but it sounds like it’s worth reassuring yourself with research.

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  13. JenP's Gravatar

    Posted by JenP

    Just wondering if you’ve ever sub’d Apple Cider Vin for White Vin as Ive been reading other articles that say the white vin actually feeds the yeast? Im not sure what to believe as it would seem that the ACV would feed it too? Just looking for your opinion as my DD has had this aweful rash for almost two weeks now and its driving me crazy!!!

  14. Ginna's Gravatar

    Posted by Ginna

    Thanks so much! I can’t wait to try an alternative to yucky Nystatin. With the GSE spray, do you wait for it to dry before diapering? Thanks!

  15. Cris's Gravatar

    Posted by Cris

    I am going to try this. Mu poor 8 month old has such bad diaper rashes it has started to leave scars. I have tried desitin (worked for the first few episodes now it doesnt work), tried neosporen (lso helped a couple times now nothing). The dr told us to try triple paste and it does not work at all. I just started trying coconut oil since i always used it for a moisturizer for myself. I havent seen an improvement yet. I was also told I may be feeding her too much fruit, so now I will be giving more veggies.

    I can clear her up and the first bowl she has its all raw, especially if I cant change her asap. We have used cloth but havent seen much difference. I am desperate so I will be getting everything above. Thanks

  16. GreenDrinkDiaries's Gravatar

    Posted by GreenDrinkDiaries

    I actually have used ACV instead of white vinegar once when I didn’t have any white. Typically I have found white vinegar cheaper and available in larger quantities than ACV, so I used it instead. I say that white would be fine, but if you find the rash persistent after doing this, then try ACV and see. (:

  17. GreenDrinkDiaries's Gravatar

    Posted by GreenDrinkDiaries

    Actually- when the rash is at its worst, I went ahead and blow-dried ANY form of wetness on my daughter and then diapered her up. Good question!

  18. Rebecca's Gravatar

    Posted by Rebecca

    I found coconut oil at my grocer . Is that the same as what you referenced above ? If not, where can I find the cream?

  19. Faith's Gravatar

    Posted by Faith

    I was told by my natropath(spelling?) that yeast rash is caused by candida – treatable by probiotics (Garden of Life kids) and 1 tsp of organic olive oil at least a day which smothers the yeast. We had to mix the olive oil with the probiotics and sweet potatoes and momma milk and give throughout the day.

  20. Faith's Gravatar

    Posted by Faith

    Ohh and if breastfeeding mom has to avoid sugars and watch carbs

  21. GreenDrinkDiaries's Gravatar

    Posted by GreenDrinkDiaries

    Yes- “coconut oil” is what you’re looking for. Organic would be best, but some is better than none.

  22. GreenDrinkDiaries's Gravatar

    Posted by GreenDrinkDiaries

    Faith- Another great option. Thanks for sharing!

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  25. Libby's Gravatar

    Posted by Libby

    My Son started with a diaper rash about 6 weeks ago! I have been treating and treating and treating, with everything and at this point feeling like a horrible mom. However, i know i am not alone. This YEAST MONSTER is going down!!! It all started after a 10 day reg. of ab, then boom his little bottom flared up. after 2 weeks of trying everything from your run of the mill diaper creams, including coconut oil and crisco, we took im to the ped. she prescribed Nystatin and Desatin. this help, but after 2 weeks, it still wasnt 100% gone. Then without warning he got another ear infection and yep you guessed it, another round of AB. Ped suggestion was to continue with the Nystatin, but instead of a ZO based cream we did hydrocortison cream for 1 week and Aquaphor for at all diaper changes. I was so excited, we made solid improvements, until last Wednesday when it exploded agian.Now i am at my witts end with this monster. I liked what you said about the coconut oil. Thinking I will try the viniger bath tomorrow night as well. How long doyou think before i will see results ?

  26. GreenDrinkDiaries's Gravatar

    Posted by GreenDrinkDiaries

    It heals gradually, so keep up with the GSE spray, change poopy diapers immediately, and blow dry baby’s bottom often. Funny enough, I have a second baby now and she has a stubborn diaper rash as well now. I just made the GSE mixture today to start spraying on her. (:

  27. Libby's Gravatar

    Posted by Libby

    i have been trying for about a week with little improvements. Does the GSE spray make that much a difference?

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